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OMPA-like superfamily

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   Membrane and cell surface proteins and peptides [ 56835] (58)
Fold:   Transmembrane beta-barrels [ 56924] (6)
Superfamily:   OMPA-like [ 56925] (4)
Families:   Outer membrane protein [ 56926] (3)
  Outer membrane enzyme PagP [ 82874]
  GNA1870 immunodominant domain-like [ 144097]
  PsbO-like [ 161115]

Superfamily statistics
Genomes (1,437) Uniprot 2014_06 PDB chains (SCOP 1.75)
Domains 8,446 62,547 9
Proteins 8,319 61,693 9

Functional annotation
General category Processes_IC
Detailed category Transport

Function annotation of SCOP domain superfamilies

Gene Ontology (high-quality)

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GO termFDR (singleton)FDR (all)SDFO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Biological Process (BP)biosynthetic process0.0062230.5176Least InformativeInherited
Biological Process (BP)single-organism metabolic process0.012420.6453Least InformativeInherited
Biological Process (BP)carbohydrate metabolic process0.0000000016490.00002935Moderately InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)lipid metabolic process0.000000017760.0003367Moderately InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)organophosphate metabolic process0.00000001370.0001803Moderately InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)carbohydrate derivative metabolic process0.000000024930.0002728Moderately InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)phosphate-containing compound metabolic process0.0000058550.05417Moderately InformativeInherited
Biological Process (BP)membrane lipid metabolic process00.000000000000007347InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)phospholipid metabolic process00.00000000006421InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)carbohydrate biosynthetic process0.00000000005210.000000007652InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)glycolipid biosynthetic process0.0000000032960.0000000001062Highly InformativeDirect
Biological Process (BP)oligosaccharide metabolic process00.0000000000128Highly InformativeDirect
Molecular Function (MF)transferase activity0.0006830.3183Least InformativeInherited
Molecular Function (MF)transferase activity, transferring acyl groups0.00000000000037920.000000004044InformativeDirect
Molecular Function (MF)O-acyltransferase activity0.000000011580.00000003875Highly InformativeDirect
Cellular Component (CC)membrane0.0000071640Least InformativeDirect
Cellular Component (CC)external encapsulating structure00InformativeDirect
Cellular Component (CC)cell envelope00Highly InformativeDirect
Cellular Component (CC)external encapsulating structure part00Highly InformativeDirect

Document: GO annotation of SCOP domains

Gene Ontology (high-coverage)

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GO term FDR (all) SDFO level Annotation (direct or inherited)
Biological Process (BP) biosynthetic process 0.5176 Least Informative Inherited
Biological Process (BP) single-organism metabolic process 0.6453 Least Informative Inherited
Biological Process (BP) carbohydrate metabolic process 0.00002935 Moderately Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) lipid metabolic process 0.0003367 Moderately Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) organophosphate metabolic process 0.0001803 Moderately Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) carbohydrate derivative metabolic process 0.0002728 Moderately Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) phosphate-containing compound metabolic process 0.05417 Moderately Informative Inherited
Biological Process (BP) membrane lipid metabolic process 0.000000000000007347 Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) phospholipid metabolic process 0.00000000006421 Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) carbohydrate biosynthetic process 0.000000007652 Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) glycolipid biosynthetic process 0.0000000001062 Highly Informative Direct
Biological Process (BP) oligosaccharide metabolic process 0.0000000000128 Highly Informative Direct
Molecular Function (MF) transferase activity 0.3183 Least Informative Inherited
Molecular Function (MF) transferase activity, transferring acyl groups 0.000000004044 Informative Direct
Molecular Function (MF) O-acyltransferase activity 0.00000003875 Highly Informative Direct
Cellular Component (CC) membrane 0 Least Informative Direct
Cellular Component (CC) external encapsulating structure 0 Informative Direct
Cellular Component (CC) cell envelope 0 Highly Informative Direct
Cellular Component (CC) external encapsulating structure part 0 Highly Informative Direct

Document: GO annotation of SCOP domains

Arabidopsis Plant Ontology (AP)

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AP termFDR (all)SDAP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)guard cell0Least InformativeDirect

Document: AP annotation of SCOP domains

UniProtKB KeyWords (KW)

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KW termFDR (all)SDKW levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Biological processTransport0.002057Least InformativeInherited
Biological processIon transport9.345e-16Moderately InformativeDirect
Biological processPhotosynthesis0.000000000000009131InformativeDirect
Biological processVirulence0.0000000004942InformativeDirect
Biological processConjugation0Highly InformativeDirect
Cellular componentMembrane0Least InformativeDirect
Cellular componentPlastid0.004777Moderately InformativeInherited
Cellular componentCell outer membrane0InformativeDirect
Cellular componentThylakoid0.0000000443InformativeDirect
Cellular componentChloroplast0.00006044InformativeDirect
Cellular componentPhotosystem II0Highly InformativeDirect
DomainSignal0Least InformativeDirect
DomainTransmembrane0.0017Least InformativeInherited
DomainTransmembrane beta strand0InformativeDirect
Molecular functionManganese0.000000001411Moderately InformativeDirect
Post-translational modificationTransferase0.00238Least InformativeInherited
Post-translational modificationAcyltransferase0InformativeDirect

Document: KW annotation of SCOP domains

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