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sTOL: Adding evolutionary context to the dcGO resource utility

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Search the sTOL hierarchy via NCBI taxonomy:
    Using a Taxon ID (e.g., "9606") or a Taxonomic name (e.g., or "Homo sapiens") or a common name (e.g., or "human")
    When searching against a Taxonomic name, it is better to specify its superkingdom (e.g., "E:Homo sapiens").
    Notes: A for Archaea, B for Bacteria, and E for Eukaryota.

    1.) Organisms commonly used for research are: human, mouse, rat, yeast, fission yeast, fruit fly, arabidopsis thaliana, nematode, zebrafish, monkey, Escherichia coli, etc
    2.) Clades of interest: Eukaryota,Viridiplantae,Fungi/Metazoa group,Fungi,Metazoa,Chordata,Mammalia,Primates, etc.

Gateway: sTOL hierarchy starting from three superkingdoms (Archaea, Bacteria, Eukaryota)

Name [TaxID] <Branch length>  #Genomes  Tree(Newick format)
Archaea (A):   Archaea [2157] <2.84e-02>   133  Codes|TaxIDs|Names
Bacteria (B):   Bacteria [2] <2.79e-03>   1887  Codes|TaxIDs|Names
Eukaryota (E):   Eukaryota [2759] <3.59e-02>   437  Codes|TaxIDs|Names  

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