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"saccharomyceta" superfamily assignments

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Eukaryota; Opisthokonta; Fungi; Dikarya; Ascomycota; saccharomyceta

Descendants list: TR, TV, hg, txD, a5, wc, hk, hfv, RxS, PP, Sp, wfR, Sh, lz, TP, yv, FSZ, y4, y1, o7, AR, dox, yz, qxC, kw, Sd, i7, K5N, 6z5, gr, l5, gl, Sa, 4IZ, LLd, Ss, an, zk, yo, i5, ztx, Sv, n4, Sg, q3, n3, urB, nj, fo, ip, PC, qc, fm, b7, Sj, iu, St, ng, Sn, AC, 7ko, im, Sl, nx, ns, ym, q7, i3, Sw, nq, dh, t7, So, kl, ik, Fm1, Sj2, t3, iv, TT, vd, ve, WIB, PCo, Sq, gi, iw, Sf, fv, ao, KZp, gq, Rcy, re, Sc, zmD, PM, CD, yh, t4, Su, GrQ, lth, UlW, nd, Mmm, Sz, qYv, j2, CUl, t6, i4, yl, al, ig, Se, Sk, qg, q8, xs, Sm, wt, if, go, fg, EPt, a7, R0R, nh, q0, l3, y6, vw, ly, 3Ju, 0Rm, yj, a8, Sx, 90j, i6, qe, ur, vXE, ST, Sb, oVw, y8, gp, 6mX, HlW, t9, TM, Sr

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Assignment statistics

Sequences: 11695 with assignment
Domains: 23132 total
1133 unique superfamilies
1083 unique families
20.4 average superfamily size
95 % formed by duplication
Domain combinations: 1629 domain pairs
9458 unique architectures

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