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"Eumetazoa" superfamily assignments

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Eukaryota; Opisthokonta; Metazoa; Eumetazoa

Descendants list: qp, 4v4, ie, Mh, nw, ge, Ts, wn, hs, mr, GG, tz, tj, dx, i1, ii, xp, ob, gu, dd, nzU, to, da, Hm, MI, d5, DGN, w1, io, Ae, yk1, dg, wr, hx, op, dk, Lc, nk, cl, cw, zb, Xm, Hym, qm, vn, wp, of, lu, is, lk, rn, c0, gg, tfI, do, xl, eq, Pr5, d7, As, nz, du, oq, Psi, gc, gw, oh, Dp, mm, Hg, bf, vR2, maa, gy, hFl, zl, Co, dw, ih, xn, 94R, tu, ut, fe, ok, vu, m08, zf, ol, SS, ek, ai, Td, hz, tn, ag, bv, 74p, zj, Mpf, AP, SK, zn, 7N1, zg, gb, ee, ML, PA, om, SiO, vr, Pm, dz, xr, hv, Tu, Ecg, On, in, wj, gx, dy, zd, CJ, r0, dq, UcX, Nl, ax, Ds, ru, gd

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Assignment statistics

Sequences: 22001 with assignment
Domains: 47042 total
1303 unique superfamilies
1411 unique families
36.1 average superfamily size
97 % formed by duplication
Domain combinations: 2693 domain pairs
16950 unique architectures

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