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"eukaryotes" superfamily assignments

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Descendants list: qp, TR, TV, qo, 4v4, ie, hg, Mh, nw, txD, a5, wc, r6, hk, hfv, tfV, tx, RxS, ir, iUF, PP, ge, zi, Pop, Ov1, Sp, Ts, Tc, wfR, o8, wn, z7, ze, PR, Sh, BD, q4, lz, fw, TP, i0v, qd, MG, yv, hs, mr, FSZ, zc, GG, nu, a6, y4, y1, Pu, o7, ou, LPn, tz, uv, PO, gj, tj, jS2, AR, dox, yz, yd, dx, i1, ii, xp, qxC, kw, ob, gu, dd, nzU, to, da, Hm, Sd, MI, hqz, d5, i7, DGN, K5N, 6z5, gr, w1, AM, NX7, io, Ae, Eg, yu, yk1, um, wUr, l5, gl, Sa, dg, ia, wr, Dhk, hx, rm, op, dk, 4IZ, KRs, Lc, nk, Cyp, ul, LLd, Ss, b8, an, cl, w3, iq, cw, dUP, zb, zk, Xm, Tt, Hym, yo, qm, i5, fu6, ztx, b9, 5oN, Sv, q6, lq, vt, n1, ya, uc, n4, Sg, vn, q3, wp, X4q, of, n3, urB, fy, p5l, lu, rq, is, nj, ug, Zra, gf, fo, lk, rn, uz, c0, ip, V7G, PC, qc, fm, gg, tfI, do, gz, b7, Sj, iu, LM, rXi, St, oz, ng, Sn, cy, xl, AC, eq, py, Pr5, d7, 7ko, As, im, UJc, nz, du, oq, Sl, cwb, Psi, wf, kle, nx, pl, ns, ym, we, Bra, Cs, mWg, gc, gw, C24, oh, q7, Dp, i3, ij, mm, lo, Hg, Sw, qb, Phe, Cc, nq, or, bf, vR2, em, dh, t7, Im, maa, gy, iSI, hFl, So, hy, zl, os, Co, qa, kl, dw, lh, ue, ik, ih, xn, Fm1, oj, 94R, Sj2, NGD, ED, t3, o0, qn, iv, wg, TT, vd, Tb4, tu, Ppi, ut, ve, fe, vg, iy, H7u, rzm, WIB, 9UD, h5J, pt, fb, PCo, ok, vu, Sq, F2y, ov, q2, gi, m08, rAM, zf, iw, Sf, Mba, fv, ao, r9u, ol, p06, KZp, CU, Ac, gq, Rcy, re, mw, Sc, SS, ek, l4, ib, zmD, ai, vx, Td, Ba, Owf, hn, hz, PM, CD, tn, q1, yh, ag, wz, bv, t4, CX, 74p, zj, Su, pw, GrQ, aIM, po, lth, UlW, nd, Ppa, q9, Mpf, cM3, AP, cv, pT, Mmm, SK, zUU, Fzj, zn, EI, VL4, Sz, qYv, 7N1, j2, Smn, CUl, dt, zg, e0I, GfC, t6, en, Tb, o6, i4, gb, qj, SL, yl, ra, ee, ML, yy, al, ig, PA, x6l, A8o, AB, Se, Sk, p4, qg, PE, 1ba, q8, h2, TI, om, SiO, xs, Sm, wt, wa, if, cf, o9, ACh, go, fg, EPt, Gt, Og, vr, qh, X03, Pm, BHK, a7, R0R, dz, QxX, xr, IA4, nh, q0, l3, 117, y6, hv, Si, iz, Tu, AnK, n2, Ecg, vw, On, ly, pv, in, 3Ju, 0Rm, yj, wj, a8, un, Pma, Sx, NC, SA, eb, Ach, 90j, gx, qi, q5, dy, i6, qe, ur, zd, CJ, vXE, ST, tb, Sb, fc, r0, yg, bU9, dq, Mv, vo, oVw, erq, t09, UcX, y8, od, ry, gp, z4, 6mX, Nl, ql, at, ME, HlW, hj, t9, TM, ax, Es, Ds, ru, gd, Sr, sj

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Assignment statistics

Sequences: 7294 with assignment
Domains: 11063 total
1144 unique superfamilies
0 unique families
9.7 average superfamily size
90 % formed by duplication
Domain combinations: 1028 domain pairs
4651 unique architectures

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